You, Me & IT – Delivering Custom Software Solutions

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sandy. I am the sole owner and operator of eleven11 solutions. I have been working in the IT industry for over 10 years and I have been experimenting with website creation since 1996. I have a passion for creating high quality custom software solutions, with a focus on usability, and improving human experience.

I believe custom software should be focused on improving human experience.

In my experiences so far, I consider myself lucky. I have worked for all types of businesses, from start-ups, through to corporate enterprises. A few of my experiences have been:

            • spending a couple of years with the multi-national Unisys, which was great.
            • I worked briefly for Oakton, a Sydney based IT consulting firm.
            • before starting eleven11 productions I was part of the internal IT department of Scenic Tours (the river boat cruising company).

So why would someone with a good job throw away the certainty of their income to pursue doing the same thing on their own?

The answer to this question, for me anyway, is quite simple. You are the answer!

I think software solutions that try to cater for every individual on the face of the planet are only going to hit the mark for a small percentage of the people who use them and while they may be useful for those people, I still question whether they provide the maximum potential for achieving an individual’s goals or set of goals.

Why leave it to the creators of these software solutions to determine what is best for you? I’m sure they had a look at a wide variety of case studies, or had experience within the industry they provide for, but what about you? Are you exactly the same as someone else?

Do I have the answer? No. You Do!

I want to provide custom software solutions for you. I want the custom software that you invest in, to provide the maximum potential for you and your customers to achieve their goals, every time. I don’t want to just sell you the latest technology that I found last week. I don’t want you to invest in something you don’t understand, but more importantly, I don’t want you to spend your money on a software solution that doesn’t understand you!

We have all had those moments while using some piece of software where we say “why can’t it just…” and you are right, why can’t it? Put simply, because it wasn’t designed specifically for you.

I understand there is a need to create software for a wider audience than a single individual. Take a look at smartphones.

Smart phones let us teach them how to work for us. That’s the way all technology should be.

The technology itself it used by millions, yet they all provide the capacity to make them feel like they were designed just for you. It’s not that smartphones are built to understand everyone; they are simply built so you can teach them how to understand you.

So that’s my aim. Consider me your smartphone. Teach me how to understand you, so I can provide custom software solutions that will work for you today, tomorrow and can evolve and grow as you do.

That’s IT, from me to you.

Owner of eleven11solutions, Sandy has been involved with technology, software and website building since 1996. He is passionate about building software and websites which have human qualities. He is always learning, always experimenting and always helping those around him however he can. He loves being able to turn big dreams into reality by providing his technological expertise in a very human way. He strives to make human lives better…

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