Website Redesign: When is it time?

Web Site Redesign Wireframe ImageGetting your website redesigned is all about bringing a new, modern look and feel to an existing website.

It must also ensure your website is doing all the right things to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to return.

When should You think about a website redesign?

  • Technology on the web moves so fast that it is easy to feel as though your website looks outdated or performs actions slowly. This may affect the way your customers perceive your business.
  • There are also many new technologies which, when used correctly, can provide a better experience for your customers and enable them to achieve their goals in a faster and friendlier way.
  • In many cases, what your website says is still 100% relevant, but the way the content is presented is falling behind your competitors. This can lead to your website not reaching its full potential.

Luckily changing this does not have to be as hard or expensive as you think.

Is it easy to get a website redesigned?

Yes! Getting a website redesigned is usually a quick and easy way to add value to your existing brand.

Here is a short list of things your websites homepage should be doing for your business:

  • Grab the customers attention instantly
  • Explain what your business can do for your customer in one sentence
  • Inspire your customer to find out more about your brand
  • Make the next step for your customer very prominent

If you would like us to analyse your website and see if you can benefit from a website redesign then simply email us and we can start working together to build your online presence the way you imagine.

Does eleven11 solutions only redesign websites?

No. eleven11 solutions is an IT service provider who’s aim is to provide technology based solutions for your business by understanding people.

This could be a website redesign, a brand new website, enhancing functionality or a fully integrated software suite for you your business.

Find out more about what we do

Owner of eleven11solutions, Sandy has been involved with technology, software and website building since 1996. He is passionate about building software and websites which have human qualities. He is always learning, always experimenting and always helping those around him however he can. He loves being able to turn big dreams into reality by providing his technological expertise in a very human way. He strives to make human lives better…

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